Running Effective Meetings

Running Effective Meetings

Training to learn effective meeting management.

Camden Consulting Group’s one-day Running Effective Meetings program guides meeting leaders through every step of planning for, executing and facilitating effective meetings. Program materials include a range of templates for each phase of this process. Though the primary focus of this program is on face-to-face meetings of 10 people or less, it also touches on large-group meetings and virtual and cross-cultural considerations.


In Running Effective Meetings, participants visit every step of meeting planning and apply them to planning an upcoming meeting or revisiting a past meeting that did not go well. The use of the training video, Groupthink, increases participant motivation to both plan and facilitate meetings with greater discipline and skill.  Through small and large group exercises and activities, participants learn about and practice key meeting facilitation skills, including the challenge of handling disruptive behaviors.


Participants leave this program able to:

•    Communicate a clear meeting purpose
•    Develop meeting objectives and plan for how they will be accomplished
•    Make critical meeting management decisions related to time and attendees
•    Craft useful agendas
•    Motivate attendees to complete meeting pre-work
•    Anticipate and plan meeting logistics and minutes
•    Facilitate meetings with greater confidence and skill
•    Use facilitative behaviors and tools to encourage participation
•    Use simple tools to increase involvement in decision-making
•    Handle disruptive behaviors