Making a Skillful Presentation

Camden Consulting Group's two-day program, Making Skillful Presentations, is the program for people who consider giving presentations among the top five fears of mankind. This information-packed program provides the tools participants need to give workplace presentations with greater knowledge, skill and confidence. Camden’s "Fast Formula" method of content organization enables participants to prepare presentations with five days or five minutes lead-time.


Participants deliver a quick, video-recorded introduction that is later viewed as a "baseline" assessment of platform skills and used to set goals for skill development. Participants use the program's "Fast Formula" to rework a presentation they have delivered in the past or to prepare for a presentation they may need to deliver in the future. On day two, participants deliver a five-seven minute video-recorded "dress rehearsal" of their presentations, assess goal achievement, receive recorded feedback from the instructor and their colleagues, and leave with a copy of both their baseline and final presentations.  To provide participants with the opportunity to prepare and practice presentations, this "working session" is limited to a group size of eight.


Participants leave this program able to manage:

•    Presentation anxiety    
•    Methods of delivery
•    Vocal quality and pacing
•    Eye contact, movement and gesture    
•    Audience and occasion analysis    
•    Content selection    
•    Organization and audience adaptation    
•    Questions/objections