making a compelling case

Making a Compelling Case

Camden Consulting Group’s two-day program, Making a Compelling Case, guides participants through the ideation, analysis and organization process that forms the basis of selling ideas or points of view, regardless of method of delivery – print, electronic, or verbal.  If you have work teams challenged by “push back” to their ideas, budget presentations, and ability to influence stakeholders, Making a Compelling Case can support their growth in these areas. It looks exclusively at organizing information to increase knowledge/understanding or to influence thought/action.


Making a Compelling Case is delivered in a two-day format and accommodates up to 12 participants.

  • Day 1 involves all 12 participants in a workshop format during which key concepts are presented and used to organize a "real world" communication that participants bring to the program via a pre-work assignment. Camden uses a video example about the decision to launch the space shuttle, Challenger, to demonstrate the importance of information/thought organization on the influence process.
  • Day 2 is divided into half-day sessions, with six participants attending the morning session and the other six attending the afternoon session.  In these half-day sessions, participants present an overview of their organization strategy and receive feedback from the instructor and their colleagues.


Making a Compelling Case teaches Camden’s ADDPT (Adapt) method of information organization. Participants leave this program able to:

A = Analyze Opportunity

  • Clarify Purpose: Inform or Persuade                                      
  • Scope Issue, Identify Target Population and Adapt to Audience

DD = Decide and Develop

  • Decide Strategy: Linear or Linked
  • Develop Support: Strength, Number, Order, Balance, Cohesion

PT = Package for Transmission

  • Engage with Strength                                                                    
  • Conclude with Clarity
  • Look for Enhancements