Effective teamwork

Effective Teamwork

Camden Consulting Group’s one-day Effective Teamwork program highlights the research of Katzenbach and Smith as presented in their books, The Wisdom of Teams and The Discipline of Teams.  The Effective Teamwork program gives participants the tools to distinguish between their responsibilities related to their work in groups and their responsibilities related to their work in teams. It also provides team members with the knowledge and skills they need to make strong contributions to team performance and to facilitate the contributions of other team members.



Effective Teamwork uses Glenn Parker's Team Player Survey to enable participants to identify their behavioral predispositions when operating as part of a team. Through mini-assessments, this program introduces team members to classic stages of team development and provides them with the opportunity to identify the current stage of their own team. Given the critical nature of the "Forming Stage," and the predisposition of most teams to rush through it, Camden engages participants in a range of "forming" activities that are directly transferable to the job. The critical team skill of providing both positive and re-directive feedback is also introduced and practiced.



Participants leave this program able to:

  • Distinguish between teams and work groups
  • Describe the characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Describe their “team player” style and the impact of their style on team effectiveness
  • Use key indicators to determine their team’s stage of development
  • Use team “forming” tools to clarify team purpose, determine team talent requirements, assess team membership, and develop team operating principles
  • Use feedback to acknowledge and reinforce desirable team member behavior/performance and to re-direct off-track behavior/performance
  • Create a plan to accelerate the development of a team on which they serve