dealing with conflict

Dealing with Conflict

Camden Consulting Group’s one-day program, Dealing with Conflict, enables participants to address and manage a wide range of conflict scenarios. By understanding the differences between conflict resolution and conflict management, participants are able to use the right approaches and skills to address typical workplace scenarios and to promote the positive benefits of conflict, like encouraging open communication and uncovering win-win outcomes. Though this program focuses on the face-to-face setting, it is applicable to dealing with conflict in its many forms and via its many channels of communication.


Using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, Dealing with Conflict helps participants identify their predisposition toward a range of conflict modes. Through the analysis of a video scenario, participants learn to identify each of the conflict modes and to understand their place in handling conflict. This program introduces participants to the ten most common causes of conflict and guides them through the process of handling a conflict they are currently facing or one they faced in the past and would like to re-visit. Participants learn about and practice a range of conflict resolution skills that enable them to handle their own conflicts, and when appropriate, to mediate the conflict of others with confidence and competence.


Participants leave this program able to:

  • Distinguish between conflict resolution and conflict management
  • Explore the causes of conflict and assist others to explore them
  • Identify their preferred conflict mode and develop a greater mode range
  • Use the steps in resolving/managing conflict to move their own conflicts, and mediate those of others, toward a positive resolution
  • Use conflict resolution skills to explore options, sell ideas/resolutions, respond to bad ideas, disagree respectfully and manage negative reactions