Conducting productive and effective interviews.

Conducting Productive Interviews

Conducting productive and effective interviews.

Camden Consulting Group’s one-day program, Conducting Productive Interviews, helps professionals handle one of the toughest parts of the employment process ─ the interview. The employment interview requires careful planning, organizing and coordinating, as well as high-level communication skills. Camden’s experience tells us that too many interviewers are more concerned about how they are doing in the interview than about the amount and value of the information they are getting from the interviewee, often mistaking a steady flow of conversation for securing competency-based evidence of job match. Conducting Productive Interviews strengthens the interview process and supports selection of the most highly qualified candidate.


Through individual and small and large group activities, participants develop the ability to use a structured and flexible interview format that increases the likelihood that both parties will secure the information they need to make an informed choice. Skill practices are used to facilitate skill acquisition and the blending and application of skills throughout the interview process.


Participants leave this program able to:

•    Use an interview plan during the interview process
•    Interview for competency
•    Coordinate with other interviewers to avoid redundancy
•    Open and close the interview with comfort
•    Use open-ended questions to guide the interview and explore details
•    Gather critical information in a conversational manner and within legal guidelines
•    Take notes without interrupting the flow of conversation
•    Probe for hard-to-get, but important information
•    Talk about the position and the company at the right time and in the right way
•    Objectively and systematically compare candidates
•    Make unbiased hiring decisions based on sound criteria