Conducting Performance Reviews

Conducting the Annual Performance Review

Camden Consulting Group’s one-day Conducting the Annual Performance Review program motivates managers to enhance their process when it comes to preparing for and conducting performance reviews.  This research-based program helps managers understand why a meaningful and productive performance review is so critically important to the employee, the organization and the manager. Filled with critical steps and helpful hints, this comprehensive program covers SMART goal setting to handle unexpected employee reactions.  


Conducting the Annual Performance Review uses individual and small and large group exercises and activities that enable managers to prepare for reviews no matter where in the performance cycle they might be when they participate in the program. Participants practice a systematic approach to delivering performance feedback, whether it is reinforcing excellent performance or addressing performance that needs improvement. Using practical, realistic guidelines, participants plan and execute the opening and close of the review, a process that enables them to establish a respectful climate from the beginning and a motivating climate at the end.


Participants leave this program able to:

•    Explain the importance of the performance review to overall performance management
•    Avoid typical performance review mistakes
•    Use SMART goal setting
•    Gather and organize performance data more thoroughly and efficiently
•    Differentiate performance and explain ratings with competence
•    Present performance feedback in the form of expectations, actual performance, and outcomes
•    Discuss discrepancies and open and close the performance review with greater confidence
•    Be appropriately responsive to unexpected employee reactions