Coaching for Performance

Camden Consulting Group’s one-day Coaching for Performance program enables managers to motivate employees to higher levels of performance through specific, timely and productive feedback. Managers develop the knowledge and skills they need to reinforce desired performance through positive feedback and to address off-track performance through respectful, honest re-directive feedback.


Coaching for Performance uses individual and small and large group exercises and activities to lay the foundation for the development of feedback and coaching skills. Camden’s “Framework for Feedback” concentrates on the type of feedback that influences productivity—performance-based feedback. This type of feedback focuses on expectations, actual performance and outcomes, variables that directly impact performance and are the foundation of productive coaching conversations. This program provides multiple opportunities for skill practice and for discussion of “real-life” situations.

Participants leave this program able to:

  • State clear performance expectations
  • Distinguish between vague, abstract feedback and specific, behavioral feedback
  • Provide performance-based positive and re-directive feedback
  • Use coaching skills like questioning and listening to explore the root cause of performance problems and to encourage performers to acknowledge the impact of off-track performance
  • Guide performers in exploring solutions to performance problems and to develop a plan for resolution
  • Follow up on coaching discussions