Coaching for Development

Coaching for Development

Camden Consulting Group’s one-day Coaching for Development program enables managers to distinguish between opportunities to coach for performance and opportunities to coach for development. This program provides the knowledge and skills that managers need to accelerate the development of individuals within the work group while ensuring that each employee takes responsibility for their own development.


Coaching for Development uses Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory to introduce managers to a range of learning styles and to increase their awareness of the importance of matching development activities to learning styles. Through individual and small and large group exercises and activities, managers develop the key coaching skills of questioning and listening and apply them to guiding versus leading coaching conversations. Multiple skill practices allow managers to use a range of coaching models and apply them to on-the-job coaching opportunities.


Participants leave this program able to:

  • Explain the goal of coaching for development
  • Tap into the learning styles of employees in order to accelerate their development
  • Use the GROW coaching model
  • Use the ABC model of development
  • Delegate for development
  • Partner with employees to create Individual Development Plans that use the 70-20-10 development framework