Bridging the Communication Gap

Bridging the Communication Gap

Working with Others Who Don’t Communicate, Think or Work Like You

Bridging the Communication Gap

Communication continues to be a challenge for even the most seasoned, educated, and experienced employees and managers. Camden Consulting Group’s one-day program, Bridging the Communication Gap, addresses the variables that can have an adverse impact on communication across functions, geographies, organizational layers, conference tables, hallways, computers, labs, and desks. Since communication styles affect all aspects of human interaction and organizational performance, knowledge of their characteristics and impact is key to working productively. Communication styles are the focus of Bridging the Communication Gap.


Integrating research on emotional intelligence, Bridging the Communication Gap uses the Social Styles® Self-Perception Questionnaire to increase participant self-awareness related to their communication style and its impact on workplace relationships. Through a case study and large and small group activities, participants increase their ability to work more effectively within their own style and with styles that differ from theirs, particularly the styles of their team members.  They also learn to manage the adverse impact of a style when it gets in the way of productivity.


Participants leave this program with:

  • Greater awareness of their communication style, its strengths and limitations, and its impact on  workplace relationships and productivity.
  • Increased understanding of, and respect for, communication styles different from theirs, the strengths and limitations of those styles, and their impact on workplace relationships and productivity.
  • Enhanced ability to use communication style flexibility to positively impact individual and organizational performance and to build strong short-term and long-term relationships, inside and outside their business units and organizations.