Senior Teams

Team Effectiveness

Helping teams achieve greatness

Camden Consulting Group’s Team Effectiveness coaching practice is designed to help your teams achieve greatness. Whether it’s an established team, an evolving team or a team is in its formative stage, Camden’s team coaching is designed to help senior leaders build on their collective success and improve operational and financial performance. We ensure that senior teams are committed to, aligned with and equipped to achieve common organizational goals and strategies. We believe that if the senior team functions effectively and models a high-performance culture, it will motivate others, drive outstanding performance and sustain competitive advantage.

Our Team Effectiveness coaching involves a comprehensive approach to enhance performance relative to the key characteristics of effective teams.  In all of our engagements, we leverage the individual and collective strengths of team members to help them achieve their goals by overcoming the barriers that get in the way of optimal performance.

Team Effectiveness coaching engagements typically include:

  • A scoping process to ensure all parties are in agreement with engagement goals
  • A thorough assessment of the team and its members to understand major challenges, barriers to success and the current level of effectiveness
  • Feedback of the assessment findings and a prioritization of the issues that need to be addressed 
  • An action plan to set goals, make changes, develop skills and demonstrate behaviors needed for sustainable improvement
  • A coaching process that will involve multiple sessions with the team in which its members will develop and practice effective team skills and behaviors
  • A follow-on process to monitor and measure collective and individual progress toward higher performance

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