Karen Clemens


Karen is a Consultant at Camden Consulting Group. As an HR Executive in the high-tech start-up space for 20 years, she has coached numerous leaders and teams to succeed in dynamic environments. Karen’s unique strength is her ability to listen, gain trust and to understand the patterns and shifts in an organization before they occur. She is able to simplify and customize her coaching and consulting approach so it resonates in a nimble and sometimes impatient environment; and can adapt and distill her work down to the most impactful, salient elements to get results.

Karen has led HR in a variety of high-growth technology companies including: Powersoft, Sybase, Allaire, Macromedia, Watchfire, IBM, Exa and Sonos.  As these companies moved through their various inflection points, Karen’s role shifted from building the teams and the foundational culture over to developing and evolving the organization to meet the needs of the changing landscape.  These experiences have allowed her to leverage her ability to anticipate, navigate and coach leaders and employees through change with a simplified approach that works in rapidly changing environments.

In her coaching work, Karen helps clients clarify their goals, define an action plan, and is there to support and challenge them through the process as they work to achieve those goals.

Areas of Specialty
  • Coaching and HR strategies for navigating change in nimble, high-growth, dynamic environments
  • Leadership development to support successful role transition and expansion
  • Culture and leadership development to improve individual and team performance
  • Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certification Program
  • ACC Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation
  • Studies in the area of "Adult Development Theory to Coach Leaders" and "Team Coaching and Human Dynamics"
  • Certified in the following 360 Assessment tools: Executive Dimensions; Benchmarks, Prospector, 360 By Design, Hogan, LA360, PIAV/DISC, Linkage LAI, Communications Styles & Abilities Inventory for Leaders (CSAIL), True Colors and EQ-i

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