Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programs

Identifying and developing future leaders

Camden Consulting’s Leadership Development Programs engage emerging leaders in learning the best leadership practices of successful senior executives. The goal is for each participant to develop the leadership skills that provide a path to the top and for sponsoring organizations to build their bench and fill their succession planning pipeline.

We believe that cultivating the next generation of leaders starts with a thorough examination of what the future organization should look like.  With the future in mind, participants can develop an understanding of the skills, attributes and behaviors needed to meet the organization’s goals and embark on the course of personal development.

This approach has proven to be successful for organizations of all sizes, especially those trying to build their bench for future senior executive leadership and attempting to establish a culture of leadership development through the ranks of middle management.

Programs in Leadership Development Programs

Our customized Leadership Development Programs typically involve a blended learning approach comprised of self-assessment, 360-degree feedback, individualized development plans, hands-on coaching and peer learning in group sessions.  Successful program always include:

  • An executive sponsor
  • An examination of the organization’s desired leadership and management competencies
  • Assessment of participants relative to their organization’s future competency needs
  • Individualized development plans
  • Engagement with the participants' managers to ensure that the development plans are practical and supported in a way that learning can be sustained over the long term

Camden Consulting Group’s Organizational Leaders Program (OLP)  helps to transform technical and functional experts who are “making the shift” to broader and more influential leadership roles. 

There are three reinforcing formats in the program:

  • Individual assessment and coaching
  • Interactive educational workshops
  • Peer learning and support sessions

Participants attend five interactive working sessions over nine months.  During the program, participants are partnered with an executive coach who helps the participant craft an individualized development plan and implement newly acquired leadership skills in their workplace. 

Camden delivers training modules to help our clients develop the skills needed for effective management.   Before initiating a program, Camden develops a complete understanding of the client’s unique situation and offers standard or customized programs to help build the desired capabilities. 

Our programs cover a broad range of topics from basic manager skill building such as:

  • Effective communications
  • Goal setting
  • Performance management
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Leadership styles
  • Delegation
  • Running productive meetings
  • Effective interviewing

Or more strategic development issues such as:

  • Influencing others
  • Conflict management
  • Team building
  • Change management
  • Thinking strategically

Programs are usually delivered in half or full-day sessions to groups of 15-20 participants.