executive coaching

Executive Coaching


Maximizing an individual’s professional potential

Continuously developing the skills of top-level employees is essential to succeeding in today’s competitive marketplace, and executive coaching is an integral part of this process. Executives who engage in coaching build their confidence, productivity, and overall performance,  and are well positioned to lead their organizations into the future.

Camden Consulting Group partners with client organizations and individuals to develop talent and maximize leadership skills, resulting in exceptional organizational and individual performance.  Camden prepares your high potentials for the road ahead. We coach senior and mid-level executives at start-ups, emerging businesses, and mature organizations, in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Our programs provide executives with the insights, process, and support needed to build their leadership skills and maximize their professional potential.

Developing talent for you, and with you.

Our programs utilize a comprehensive process built on industry best practices, and use methods that build trust between the executive and the coach and generate results that benefit both the executive and the organization.  This collaborative approach helps us identify specific personal, professional, and organizational goals, and develop highly effective coaching programs tailored to meet those objectives.


We are business people

Whether the aim is to develop leadership skills, establish an executive presence, or manage more effectively, our coaches bring deep expertise and experience to every engagement. We understand the challenges facing today’s executives, because we have held high-level managerial and executive positions ourselves. We’ve walked the walk, which means we quickly get to the heart of what makes your business – and your people – tick.  From early assessment, to action planning, to execution and beyond, our coaches know firsthand what executives need to become stronger, more effective leaders.

Measurable results, ongoing support

Throughout the coaching process, we communicate closely with your team to ensure that programs are delivering measurable impact. We establish multiple checkpoints to gauge progress and gather feedback, and use this information to adjust programs as needed. And we stay connected with our clients even after engagements are complete to assess the long-term impact of our work.  

For more than two decades, we’ve been helping organizations build the skills, productivity, and performance of their executive talent.  Contact us to learn more about our executive coaching programs and how they can further your organizational success.  

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Programs in Executive Coaching

Camden Consulting Group provides executive coaching for senior leaders who are are solid performers who may be struggling in a specific area (such as communication, influence, or decision making) or need to build on certain competencies in order to be most successful in their roles. 

Using a framework that is built around a cycle of assessment, planning and implementation, the engagement is structured to address the specific developmental needs and desires of each individual executive.  Engagements are targeted at specific goals and measureable results with a focus on improving business results. 

Camden Consulting Group provides developmental coaching to emerging leaders and key performers who play significant roles in the organization’s success.  These managers are usually building the skills that will enable them to perform more effectively in their current roles and preparing to take on more expansive leadership roles in the future.

Coaching engagements are focused on skill building in the areas that will enhance the individual’s professional growth as a leader and contributor to the organization's short-term and long-term goals.

Camden Consulting Group provides assimilation coaching to executives who are new to an organization and/or in an entirely new leadership role.   We help client organizations better integrate their new executives so they can make a successful transfer into their new role.

Engagements are focused on helping new executives assimilate quickly, make a positive impact from the start and avoid the missteps that commonly accompany these types of transitions.