create your career gps

Create Your Career GPS

Camden Consulting Group’s one-day program Create Your Career GPS enables participants to confidently, competently, and willingly take responsibility for managing their own careers. Participants learn that their manager, while a critical resource in the career management process, is only one of many resources that are available to them, even if the organization doesn’t have a formal career management process. Participants typically leave this program more committed to the organizations for whom they work and more realistic about the critical role that they personally play in carving out their future.


Create Your Career GPS takes participants through a series of individual and small and large group exercises and activities that help them explore what they want, what they have to offer, and what their current and future work marketplace needs. Participants examine everything from their values and untapped skills to the voice of their internal stakeholders. They develop a realistic picture of what career self-management means and use tools to take control of their development, with the understanding that career management begins with their current job.


 Participants leave this program able to:

•    Describe work environments that are motivating to them and that align with their personal and professional values

•    Articulate the skills they have and the skills they need to survive and thrive in the workplace

•    Describe with greater clarity the needs of their stakeholders, both inside and outside their organizations

•    Create a clear plan for aligning what they want and what they bring with the needs of the “market”

•    Use a range of development models and internal and external resources to proactively manage their development and careers